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Breadsmith of Fargo

Phone: +1 701-478-8000


Breadsmith is an artisan bakery specializing in European and American breads in addition to our scones, cookies and more.  Everything you see is freshly baked using the finest ingredients (We DON’T compromise).  We are the longest running vendor at our market and plan on being at every Tuesday & Saturday market!  Please stop by and see what makes us special!


Annie's Garden of Fresh Greens

Annie's Garden offers a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, homemade baked goods, canning, frozen meats, and her mom (Felly) makes American doll clothes. Annie is often at the market on Tuesdays and Saturdays for the whole season. To learn more & get weekly updates, visit her Facebook page linked below. Visit their Website for product informations as well as some recipe ideas:

Phone: 218-230-9822 | 218-563-2181


Kathy's Kreashions

Kathy sells homemade baked goods such as pies, muffins, cookies, cheesecakes and more. She also does a lot of canning which she brings to the market every Saturday. If you would like to order ahead or know more about her business, you may reach out through:

Phone: 218-841-1936

Lakeside Soap & Oils

Lakeside Soap & Oils is founded by Mike & Sue Flynn. They sell handcrafted soaps, bath products, face products, oatmilk lotions, essential oils & freeze dried fruit/vegetables and candies. To learn more about their business or if you would like to order some of their products, you may contact them through:

Phone: 661-345-7450

Doughing Crazy

Doughing Crazy is your local source for all things sourdough. She makes artisan sourdough bread, bagels, buns and sweet treats! Find her at the market every Tuesday & Saturday during the summer or contact her to place an order to be picked up at her home. To get updates, visit her Facebook page!

Phone: 218-234-6236

Screen Shot 2024-05-19 at 11.08.02 PM.png
Doughing Crazy

Lakeview Greenhouses

Lakeview Greenhouses specializes growing fresh local produce using hydroponics for over 20 years ran by John & Lisa Skarie along with their family. They have been vending at our farmers market since 2022, if you would like to know more about their business you may reach out to them through their contact informations below:

Phone: 218-234-1888


Three Chicks Gardens

Three Chicks Gardens by Melissa Syverson has been with us since 2022. She brings gorgeous flower arrangements as well as some potted plants every Saturday market. She also cater flower arrangements to special events and occasions! You should check out her facebook page for more photos and informations about her items and her business as well as weekly updates! You may also reach out to her through:

Phone: +1 701-388-0190

Three Chicks

Macarons by Karey

Macarons by Karey owned and ran by Karey Spents is a certified cottage food vendor and has been in our market since 2021. She specializes in special occasion/custom cakes, cookies, cake pops and french macarons! She comes every Saturdays during market season and some Tuesdays. If you would like to reach out more about her business or to order special event orders, you may contact her to the listed informations below:

Phone: 218-234-3201


It's So Corny

It's So Corny is your local go to snack vendor! Can't go wrong with freshly made popcorns which he offers a variety of different flavors from your classic kettle popcorn, cheddar and more! He goes to other markets and events and has been with our market since 2022. To get the latest updates about their business you can contact them through their informations below:

Phone: 701-850-9062


It's So Corny

Hand Crafted at the Lakes

Hand Crafted at the Lakes specializes in local and homemade caramels business owned by Sue Trnka.

"I aim to create and deliver the most delicious, indulgent treats possible but know that sometimes I might miss the bullseye. If you are ever dissatisfied with a product or service, I promise to quickly resolve the issue with respect, patience, and consideration." -Sue Trnka

If you would like to contact her for special orders or more questions about her products you may reach out to her through:

Phone: 218-849-7013

Hand Crafted at the Lakes.png
Hand Crafted

Hubbards Acres

Hubbards Acres by Kati Hubbard does a lot of freeze dried candies. She also offers healthy freeze dried options of fruits and vegetable snacks that are amazing! She comes mostly on our Saturday Markets but you may contact her for special orders or for more informations about her business through:

Phone: 218-530-0114


Spirits  Lake Gift Shop

If you're looking for locally handcrafted that looks beautifully done and very durable gift ideas for a friend or loved ones for special events or occasions, Spirits Lake Gift Shop is one of our recommended stop at our market! Ran by Doreen Schik she does lazer engraved wood products, clothings, fused glass jewelry and more! You can check her products at our market every Saturdays and Tuesdays or you may reach out to her for custom designs or if you have any questions through the contact listed below:

Phone: 612-616-5694

Spirit Lake

The Ben's Hot Sauce

The Ben's Hot Sauce has been with us since 2023 and specializes in local hot sauces.

"We're a small family business located in West Fargo, North Dakota. Our peppers are grown by us organically, or locally sourced, and 90% of the remaining ingredients are too. We then craft them into delicious sauces in small batches for you to enjoy. Every bottle is filled and labeled by us as well, keeping every stage of the process in our hands so we can ensure the quality is kept at a maximum. Our sauces are all designed for a flavor first experience. We wanted to offer a sauce for every level of heat tolerance, ranging from mild to tongue tingling, for all to enjoy without sacrificing flavor."

For questions, orders or updates about their business; you may reach out to them on the listed contact informations below:


Phone: 701-809-5660

The Ben's

Ulmer Stoneware

Another amazing vendor we have is Ulmer Stoneware by Jim Ulmer from Frazee, MN. Whether its for personal use or for gifts, his local handcraft pottery work are all done with precision and his love for art which makes each one of his creation simply unique and good quality. Stop by every Saturday and some Tuesdays to check his products. If you would like to know more about his work, you may contact him through:

Screen Shot 2024-06-27 at 10.21.17 PM.png

Phone: 218-849-0334


Cindy Hayward Flowers & Plant

Cindy Hayward's Flowers & Plants has been with us since 2022. She sells freshly cut flowers, dried flowers, hanging indoor plants as well as outside plants great for decor and for plant enthusiasts. She vends every Saturdays and some Tuesdays, stop by and check her products out! If you would like to know more about her business you may reach out to her through: 

Phone: 218-841-9767


MN Hempstead Company

Meet our family!
We are Michael & Tiffany, and we operate on our small homestead outside of Hitterdal, MN, along with our littles. So far our crew includes pasture pigs, chickens, goats, and ducks. We work towards regenerative farming practices, which means we look at nature as a whole and how it can work together. Each animal has an important part in supporting soil health and enhancing our products and outcomes. The animals are happiest in their natural form, whether it’s grazing in the woods or basking in the sunshine. Our use of hemp is an additional benefit to our practices. At MN Hempstead Company, we are family-centered and know the importance of supporting local, sustainable practices!

MN Hempstead is one of our new vendors this 2024 season! Check out their products at our market every Saturdays or if you would like to know more about their business you may reach out them through:


Phone: 612-716-8476

MN Hemp

Hauser's Honey Company

Hauser's Honey Company owned by Jonah Hauser specializes in products produced by our pollinators 🐝 from local raw honey and flavored honey sticks, beeswax that has a lot of moisturizing benefits to one's skin which also has natural anti-inflammatory & anti-allergenic components. They have other products such as sugar lip scrubs, sugar scrubs, soaps and lip balms. For more informations about their products or their business you may reach out to them through:

Phone: 218-770-7140



Hauser's Honey

Simple Treats  by Stacy

Welcome!!! I am so glad you're here. Let me introduce myself, the baker behind the scenes!!!

My name is Stacy Anderson, a Detroit Lakes, MN native who loves to bake!!! I'm a home baker with a passion for getting simple GLUTEN FREE baked goods and more into your home! My husband and I have three children, 2 dogs and 5 goats!!! We enjoy the freedom of countryside living, farming, gardening, fishing, hunting & weekends at the lake!

My home bakery is located in Detroit Lakes, MN. Proudly serving the lakes area!

My passion for baking gluten free products started when my middle child was diagnosed with celiac disease at the age of 1. I was determined to find a way to make ALL the things I had cooked and baked before, taste good for our whole family to enjoy!! I have tried and failed many recipes!! Like any good baker, right?! I strive to use only quality ingredients in my products. I also use locally sourced ingredients when I can. I love supporting other businesses and friends/family.

Fun fact about me: I have baked a cake each year, for all 3 of my children for their birthdays!!! I love making their birthdays special!

All my products are made from scratch & baked in my home. All my products are gluten free, with most items being dairy free as well. I'd love to have you try my delicious gluten free baked goods!! No one should be excluded due to food allergies or intolerances!!!

If you would like to order ahead or have more questions about their business or products, you may reach out through:


2022 Farmers Market Application.jpeg

Phone: 218-849-6965

Simple Treats

Lillie's Lollipops

Lillie's Lollipops offers a variety of homemade and local sweets and candies from lollipops, gummies, their cool cotton candy glitter bombs and more! They started by setting up fundraisers at first and has now become a certified cottage food small business that comes to our market every Saturdays! Their products are great for your young kiddos and kiddos at heart as it is a lot more ingredient safe than store-bought candies! If you would like to know more about their business or their products or would like to order, you may reach out to them through the contact informations listed below:

Phone: 303-261-2613



Kanji Natural Tea's

I started Kanji Naturals 5 years ago after taking courses for a Master Herbalist and much practice and experimenting on my own family.  

I found them so successful, I started sharing with my friends and they asked me why I am not selling these teas.  So I did :).   I have a masters degree in Food Science and Nutrition, so have the practical experience in processing and labeling products, as well as an understanding of our body and its nutritional needs.   I am a lover of nature and always seeking ways to bring the many ways nature heals us to the home.  From nature photography to flower art, from herbal teas to healing salves and flower essences  and from incense to natural perfumes, I am bringing the healing power of nature to you.  

I do sell from my website as well as farmers markets.  The website also contains a running blog and a member paid section for detailed material medical information on specific medicinal plants you can grow right here in West central MN.

Phone: 218-329-8185


Screen Shot 2024-05-19 at 11.46.23 AM.png

Little Elbow Farm

Hi! We are a vegetable, fruit, and flower farm located north of Pelican Rapids. We offer sales at farmers markets in the area as well as an on-farm stand and we offer "produce of the week" packages as the growing season and crops change. Please contact us for more info about any of that or to check in and see what's available!

Phone: +1 218-329-1602


Little Elbow

Speckled Egg

Add Informations here.

Phone: +1 218-298-2658

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