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Our Vendors

Here are the current 2024 Lakes Area Farmers Market vendors and their products. If you would like to reach out to them personally, their contact information or business websites/pages are included below.

Each box contains our current vendors, to see more information about them, just click the box of the vendor you want.

Annie's Garden of Fresh Greens

Lakeside Soap & Oils

Macarons by Karey

Breadsmith of Fargo

Doughing Crazy

It's So Corny

Kathy's Kreashions

Lakeview Greenhouses

Speckled Egg

Hand Crafted at the Lakes

Hubbards Acres

Spirits Lake Gift Shop 

The Ben's Hot Sauce

Ulmer Stoneware

Cindy Hayward Flowers & Plant

MN Hempstead Company

Hausers Honey Company

Simple Treats by Stacy

Lillie's Lollipops

Kanji Natural Tea'

Little Elbow Farm

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